Sunday, April 25, 2010

Keith Barry Does Brain Magic

By Darby A.

Magic: a simple word that holds many meanings. Add 'brain' to that and you have yourself some Keith Barry. "Keith Barry does brain magic" is a thrilling demonstration full of surprises. Keith shows us how our minds can be used to fool and amaze everyone else, with a few examples that keep us all on the edge of our seats.

Keith Barry starts out with a brief explanation of what brain magic is. To get the audience more open to the idea of brain magic, Keith demonstrates how easy it is for our minds to be fooled with a warm-up activity involving their hands. This is one of the few examples Keith exhibits throughout his Talk. Some examples he presents are a sensation example, pressure, a shattering coke bottle, driving through someone else's eyes, and the cup and needle demonstration. In all of his examples, except two, Keith uses a technique with his hands. During the pressure example, Keith does the same movement with his hands three times over the spot where he wants his volunteer to feel pressure. After that, he merely just raises his hand or lowers it, depending on whether he wants his volunteer to feel the pressure increase or release. With the coke bottle example, Keith gets a woman volunteer to focus all of her negativity towards an ex on a shard of glass. As she's doing so, he has his hands above and below the shard, moving them slightly, but not touching her or the shard. During the sensation example, he does movements around the spot he wants his one volunteer to feel. He then touches his other volunteer and the other feels it even though they were not touched. Finding the needle under the cups is one of his most surprising examples. For this one, Keith does have to hold onto the volunteer's hand, but neither of them know where the needle is. The result is funny and shocking. All his concentration is focused on his hands while he's doing his thing, but when the actual example is taking place, he seems to be looking at something nobody else can see. He gets so into it that it makes his audience get into it as well.

From the moment Keith Barry started talking, I was interested. When he got to the audiences warm-up(which I tried), I wanted to know more. For me, the talk was quite enjoyable. He had a few surprises, and all the outcomes were not what I though they would be. I became a believer and wanted to see more. Keith was showing us that brain magic is possible. That if we know what we're doing, then we could fool anybody's brain. By the end of the show, I think most of his audience members were believers, if they weren't already before. The overall effect that he gave me was that he was really into brain magic, and that he had worked hard to get to where he is now. He is actually a very nice speaker and keeps the audience with him at all times. Keith's talk made me want to watch the video again. If brain magic never existed before, I believe it could be argued that it exists now.

Brain magic: you may think many things when you hear the word, but when you see Keith Barry do "brain magic" it's an incredible thing to see. He is able to capture his audience, right from the beginning, making them want to see what comes next. I would highly recommend "Keith does brain magic" to anyone who believes, doesn't believes, or just wants to laugh. Whatever mind set you come with when you go to watch Keith Barry doesn't really matter. If you're interested, then check out Keith Barry's talk. It will surely get you thinking.

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