Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David Perry on video games

By Nolan M.

David Perry, a video game designer, says that future of video games will be more involving, more complex, and more meaningful. He uses the information he knows as a game developer, but also the statistics that can prove to us where video games are going.

He begins the speech by giving his personal information related to his speech topic. He began his career while in school when his school got a Sinclair ZX80; he and his friends got the programming manuals and began to make games. From there video games went from 1K to 16K, and in that amount of memory someone made a full flight simulation game. David Perry went on to make many different video games including "The Terminator", the "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Then the last game he did was to get the video game industry and Hollywood to work together, instead of licensing from each other. One thing he did well was he provided statistics. He provided statistics on the amount the video game industry is getting, the amount some games are making, and the popularity of gaming among people of all ages. He states that video game graphics are on a curve and are obviously going to continue to get better. David Perry showed a video made by a student who was addicted to video games at an early age. He describes the feelings he experiences while he plays video games, and his real life experiences. He lets us know how fun they are to him, and how he can become hooked on a game. For the closing thoughts David Perry states that "for those who like to look a little deeper, the new paradigm of video games could open entirely new frontiers to creative minds that like to think big".

David Perry opened up his speech with personal information on how he became involved in video games, which lets the viewers know he is truly passionate about the speech topic. He also used specific statistics, showing the amount of money the video game industry is bringing in. I found it interesting how he was able to show where video games are headed, by providing a timeline video, showing where graphics started and where they are today. Out of that video he wants us to realize that graphics are going to continue to get better. It is quite clear that David Perry is passionate about the topic, he is confident, and has a great explanation on the world of video games. One thing I really liked is he used the opinion of a student by showing his video as part of his speech. He tried to tell us we need to be aware of what video games will teach us and how they will leave us feeling when we finally unplug. David Perry's message was to tell the viewers that video game graphics and audio are obviously going to get better.

In conclusion, David's talk was very persuasive and informative. I am someone who is always interested in the video game industry, so I was very interested in the speech. I recommend "David Perry on Video Games" for anyone who is fascinated about video games, or knows someone who is. It makes you think where video games are going to take us in the real world.

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