Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Beginning

Over the next eight weeks, my 28 grade 10 Academic English students will be analyzing a total of 224 TED Talks.  Each student will write a written summary for each of the 8 TED Talks they are analyzing.  Each of their summaries will be posted here.

The Project is outlined on our class wiki if you are interested in learning more about the assignment.  Here you can find the individual assignments, project outline, and important dates.

The project is a model of the TEDxProject that Christian Long is doing with his classes.  Check out his blog to see the great work his students are doing.

The first 28 entries will be posted by Wednesday of next week.


  1. Humbled that our original TEDxProject has inspired another opportunity for students to dig deep into the TED library. Looking forward to seeing your progress along the way.

    I can tell you (from one teacher's point of view) that it is a commitment/investment that I wholeheartedly recommend. The discoveries -- kid to kid -- are impossible to predict, yet infinite/constant at every turn.

    After only 2 weeks -- and well over 300 Talks already analyzed and blogged about (with over 640 that will be completed in the next 4 weeks) -- my students are doing remarkable work. While it is 'work', I can tell you that from the teacher's point of view and the many messages I've received from folks in the real world and at TED formally, it is authentic/inspired work. And truly student-generated.

    We've also been surprised with the # of TED speakers who have already touched base, left comments, and have already agreed to do Skype video chats with my kids. My only regret? The school year will be over in a matter of weeks, so we're hustling to bring as many people into the mix as possible before summer starts.

    Again, we're humbled. And we're excited to see what you create, write about, and inspire others to do, as well.

    Let me/us know if there's anything you need.

    The TEDxProject kids and Christian (aka Mr. Long)

  2. hey guys.. wondering about the future... like next year even.
    what if several schools do this.. and according to which talks the kids prefer... networks form... say per topic or per ted talk person..

    we're doing this specifically to help kids find or refine their passion. how cool if they also then connect to kids across the world with the same passion...through this activity.