Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woody Norris invents amazing things

By David S.

It seems to me that Woody Norris is an amazing inventor. The fact that he thought of something worth inventing and actually invented it is amazing and I think that Woody Norris is a great man because of what he did to advance how people listen to music.

This video is a demonstration of some of Woody Norris’s inventions, which I believe are a great advancement for the music and entertainment industry.

In this video Woody Norris spends most of his time explaining how his invention works.
He explained that his invention uses supersonic sound waves to create sound on a direct path. The way the device works as it uses supersonic sound to move the air in a chosen area which creates sound in that small area. Woody also explained some of the uses that his invention has been used for. One of these uses is as a weapon. He states this in one of his jokes when he says that you could use it to whisper something in a suspected terrorist’s ear and use thermal scanners and other devices to see his reaction so you know whether he's terrorist or not or you have a good idea if he is or not. Another application of this technology that is currently being used and tested is by Sony who has been using this type of speaker to run ads in grocery stores and make it so that only the people in the cashier line, can hear it so that it’s easier on the cashier.

I found this talk to be very inspiring. I enjoyed the fact that the speaker, Woody Norris, didn’t end up graduating from college. I liked this because it shows that you don’t need to have a college education to do something great in the world and to be successful. He shows the successful when you hear stories about selling different ideas for millions of dollars. I also enjoyed his talk because it seemed like the speaker actually had an original idea and even if it was an original idea he still made the idea work so it is his idea for the most part. I like this because it shows that maybe there are some original ideas left in the world for other people to get and use. I thought the talk was very well done because the speaker demonstrated his inventions for the audience and let them see what it does which got the audience involved and interested in what he was talking about.

In conclusion, I believe this was a very inspiring and well put together talk; I believe that Woody Norris’s use of props in this talk serve him well and I would recommend this talk.

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