Friday, June 4, 2010

John Francis walks the Earth

By Sam T.

To begin, the video being analyzed is called "John Francis walks the earth." From watching this video, I have developed thoughts about the video to which I believe that the ideas and concepts used in the video can be seen differently. I strongly disagree with what John has stated throughout his presentation. In the duration, of this essay I will clearly demonstrate why I feel this way towards John’s speech.

In summary of the video, John Francis starts off his speech by explaining why he started his action to develop a healthier and cleaner environment. John had experienced two oil tanks that collided together resulting in all the oil spilling throughout the water. John didn’t like what he saw, so therefore John had decided to not drive an automobile or talk for seventeen years. He felt by not talking or driving an automobile that he would be making a great change to the earth. John also believed that with his actions towards the environment he would be decreasing global warming and increasing the knowledge of society. John concludes throughout his speech that he has a great respect for the world and also respect for others. From John’s speech, the comparison between the respect to the environment and respect towards others is defined thoroughly throughout. In conclusion, by the end of John’s speech he concludes that he sees the worlds by if people have a great respect of others than people will also have a great respect for the environment. For example, if a citizen treated others with great respect then the citizen would be respectful to the environment. Also, John had concluded that we have to become activists in saving our Earth.

Therefore, from making conclusions based on the video, I strongly disagree with John’s thoughts and results towards respecting others will result in having a great respect for the environment. For example, I feel that a person will respect others but will not have respect for the environment. In other words, a citizen will listen, support and communicate positively towards others but also not do good things to the environment. Some negative actions that a citizen would do to not respect the environment would be not recycle or vandalize public buildings or driving to a place when walking can be done. On the other hand, I believe John did a great job engaging the audience by playing his banjo. By John playing the banjo, he had the audience’s attention from the beginning and allowed for the audience to understand what John was saying. Also, John as a speaker, I felt was not interesting enough to keep my attention throughout the whole presentation. John did take a long time to get his views and thoughts across about saving the environment. From the presentation, John has talked more about his journey not talking or driving an automobile than the connection to the environment. To conclude, the presentation from John was not a clearly understood speech in relation to saving the environment.

To illustrate, why I am strongly disagreeing with what John had talked about in his presentation four direct proofs from the presentation will be analyzed. First, John didn’t talk for seventeen years including to his family and friends. He had ended all his communication with his peers. Therefore, John would have not heard his own voice for seventeen years. Not talking for that amount of time would have not done anything for the environment in order to clean up the Earth. Second, John had discussed walking for the environment throughout his presentation. From John’s speech he thought that other people would have followed John throughout his journey to become activists in making the world a better place. John didn’t conclude in his speech that other people followed in his direction. Therefore, the actions that John accomplished didn’t develop a large population to respect the environment. Thirdly, John had taught a class without talking to the class and just using signs to teach the class a lesson. To me, that would be a very distracting class and I would not be able to develop a great knowledge on the topic being taught. As a teacher, teaching a class by speaking would allow the class to develop a great knowledge towards saving the environment. I don’t understand why John felt that not talking would allow the environment to become a better and healthier location for people to live in. Lastly, I believe that the metaphor, if no one is around to hear a tree falling does it make a sound clearly described the actions to which John portrayed throughout his journey to become an activist. As stated before, how does not talking enable people to have a greater knowledge for saving the Earth? To conclude, I feel that John wasted seventeen years trying to save the world and become an activist but really he didn’t have an impact on the environment.

In summary, John Francis did do a great job grabbing the audience’s attention in the beginning with his musical instrument but was unable to keep the attention throughout his presentation. Also, the points that John presented throughout his speech I believe were not truly stated. I believe that a person can respect others and not have respect towards the environment, or a person can have respect for the environment but doesn’t have to have respect for others. I strongly believe that a person will act upon certain situations depending on how the person was brought up throughout their childhood.

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